Useful Information

Useful Info

Side events

Public contests, amateur tournaments, sightseeing, awarding ceremony.


~150-7000 Rub.

Hospitality Package(s)

VIP: VIP tribune access, snacks, drinks.

VVIP: VIP tribune access, snacks, drinks, lunch, beverage, shuttle services.

Weather conditions in the same period when the event will be scheduled




Rain: 10-15 mm/ m2

Wind:6-11 m/s

Sunrise and sunset time

Sunrise: 04:57

Sunset:  20:06


1 EUR~78,00 RUB

1 US~70,00 RUB

Recommended hotels

Address: Hotel “Azimut Smolenskaya 4*”,121099, Moscow, Smolenskaya street, 8 Website:

Responsible person: Mrs. Ekaterina Egorova                Mobile phone: +  7  903 772-29-10                                           Email:

Tourist Attractions

The Bolshoi Theatre, Red Square, Tretyakov Gallery, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Time zone

UTC/GMT+4 hours