Format and Event Regulations

Competition Format:

Event Regulations Here

Main Draw (3rd – 6th May): 48 teams per gender played in double elimination including:

•       23 International teams directly in the Main Draw as per FIVB entry points (respecting the current FIVB regulations of country quota)

•       2 wild cards

•       8 teams from the Qualification tournament

•       15 teams from USA


Qualification (1st and 2nd of May): played in single elimination format of max 48 to qualify 8 teams to the Main Draw.

In the Qualification tournament, max 32 foreign teams direct in the QT as per FIVB entry points (respecting the current FIVB regulations of country quota), joined by additional 16 teams to be played in open single elimination bracket as Pre-Qualifier phase (held the day before the Qualification tournament) with any teams (USA or abroad) who wants to register to play. Should there be less than 32 foreign teams directly in the Qualification Tournament, the actual number will be kept, and no additional teams will be picked up from losers of the Pre-Qualification Phase.


•       Pre-Qualifier Phase (1st May): open single elimination bracket to qualify 16 teams per gender to the final phase of Qualification tournament. Any foreign teams outside of the max country quota can play in the Pre-Qualification Phase.

•       Final Phase of Qualification tournament (2nd May): Max 48 teams per gender played in single elimination to qualify 8 teams per gender to the Main Draw.


No Country Quota Playoff is applicable in this event.


*The Huntington Beach 4-star will strictly follow FIVB Rules of Games, as well as the FIVB Beach Volleyball regulations on entry and seeding points calculation (for all teams).


In addition, for the entry and seeding for the USA teams the following principal will apply:

1.       FIVB entry point/ Seeding points;

2.       If there is a tie, the FIVB Technical Points will be used to break the tie;

3.       If teams have “0” points, the AVP ranking points will be used among the teams with “0” points to stablish the ranking.


The Mikasa VLS300 official FIVB Beach Volleyball will be used.


Ranking Points Breakdown (per player)


-  FIVB ranking points are awarded per gender to the top 6 teams ranked teams per National Federation (for both USA & International teams). The 7th and lower ranked teams per National Federation will not earn FIVB ranking points. 


- FIVB ranking points obtained from Huntington Beach 4-star will only be calculated for entry and seeding purpose if they will be beneficial for the players (i.e. improve the teams’ entry and seeding points).