Poland defeats Latvia for second win Wednesday

Piotr Kantor / Bartosz Losiak Poland (4) def. Aleksandrs Samoilovs / Janis Smedins Latvia (5) 21-17, 21-18 (0:35) 

Bartosz Losiak, Poland – “It was a good start for us, with two big wins. Both teams won medals last week in Moscow and are tough opponents. It wasn’t great, we made several mistakes, but the most important is that we won both matches. I think we had good serves in crucial moments and had a good performance in blocking and defending.”

Piotr Kantor, Poland – “We played the first match and second match, we jump-served and we played the sideout the same with fast action nice, step by step and we won. Now we must rest and the match tomorrow we must do the same. Tomorrow we play at 5 o’clock so we have time so we can rest easy.”

Janis Smedins, Latvia – “I just think we are a little tired and cannot find our rhythm in the sideout. We are giving them too many points in front and we are trying to catch to an equal score and then they go three or four points ahead. It’s very hard to play like this. We know how to play, we just need to be physically more fit because in Moscow we played six matches into the last day, of course you get tired because you are playing all the time with your maximum effort. They just played very good, they did what they wanted on the court. They went fast to the middle and we couldn’t get there.”


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