Pavan celebrates 32nd birthday a day late

Melissa Humana-Paredes / Sarah Pavan Canada (6) def. Barbora Hermannova / Marketa Slukova Czech Republic (2) 21-17, 21-19 (36)

Melissa Humana-Paredes, Canada - “For multiple different reasons, we needed that. Maybe when we drive best is when we have nothing to lose and everything to gain and we feel that pressure from ourselves and we go out and play free and play the way we can and that’s what we did today. I’m proud of Sarah, I’m proud of our team to get that after the last couple days.”

Sarah Pavan, Canada - “We were playing with more fire, we were playing with more passion and obviously the skills better executed than the first two games. There was just a better feeling on the court. We knew we had to win both today to have a chance so it’s one step in the right direction. Hopefully we can build on that tonight. We didn’t want to go home playing like we have been. It’s a confidence boost because we’ve been scratching our heads like ‘What the heck? What is happening right now? This isn’t us.’ I don’t want to end this tournament playing like garbage like I have been.”

Barbora Hermannova, Czech Republic - “I couldn’t bring the game from yesterday. I had a moment of not siding out very well and it pulled me down a little in spirit and energy. This was stupid for me and I think this was the main thing in the whole match that I let it infect me.”

Marketa Slukova, Czech Republic - “I don’t really want to search for an excuse, but we were playing yesterday until 10 o’clock, our dinner was served very late and we went to bed after 12 and today at 11 we already had to perform. It’s definitely not ideal and now we have the rest of the day off. This is sad, I believe we deserve a bit more recovery but there’s not much we can do about it. It was a close game, we had our chances, we didn’t take them for whatever reason whether it was physical or mental. We just couldn’t put enough pressure on them. We had some good serves and they scrambled around, they both set it perfect and hit it in the corner. We couldn’t get the extra points running.”


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