Latvians defeat Dutch

Martins Plavins / Edgars Tocs Latvia (7) def. Alexander Brouwer / Robert Meeuwsen Netherlands (3) 21-23, 21-19, 15-13 (50)

Martins Plavins, Latvia – “They are one of the best teams in the world so seeded very high all season. I knew it would be very hard for us to beat them because they are a little taller than we are and a lot of strong attacks. It’s hard because Edgars must jump all the time, sideout, blocks and run for some balls for my defense because every point is important. It was very hot, so we are twice, so we are happy we could beat them especially here in the Finals. I want to expect a good match from our side, that’s most important. If we play very well, we can beat almost everybody. Except Norway, because we lost to them.”

Robert Meeuwsen, Netherlands - “They are tough, it’s very hard to get the ball on the ground with those guys, even if you block they are tough. You have to score the point twice to get a point from them and that’s a good quality from them.”

Alex Brouwer, Netherlands - “Of course disappointed and the fact that today for example I didn’t feel like I could play my game. I’m just not showing up and that’s something I must work on. We haven’t played for so long I have no idea how it works. I don’t care, we have to play better tomorrow.”


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