Kantor & Losiak secure second World Tour Finals medal for Poland

 Piotr Kantor / Bartosz Losiak Poland (4) def. Julius Thole / Clemens Wickler Germany (1) 19-21, 21-15, 15-13 (1:00) 

Piotr Kantor, Poland – We played good tactically and Thole played not so good. This medal, for me, is the best medal in my life. It’s the first time I cried after a match. I don’t know why.

Bartosz Losiak, Poland – “It’s good for us. Of course, we wanted something more but I’m really happy we bring some medals, it doesn’t matter which color. It’s really nice because in the tiebreak we were behind 12-9 so we did good so in the future we will like this game even better. It’s a hard question. WE played all this tournament not so good but if we play like this and bring home a medal it means a good job for us. We feel our performance wasn’t perfect but it was good. We tried to keep attacking. Sometimes it wasn’t working but my partner did very good and he took over in this tiebreak. This tiebreaker was crazy, we started so good at 4-1. Sometimes it’s crazy because we played in the pool and the score was really clear for us (21-15, 21-15) but today was a different game. We had to focus the whole game and we did. It’s not easy. It’s hard to play but it’s very nice to play before these people.   

Julius Thole, Germany – “Right now it’s a disappointment feeling especially how the match ended. We had a 12-9 lead and couldn’t win the match. They had a good strategy in the end and maybe we were a bit tired and that led us to make some wrong decisions. But of course we’re very proud. Just seeing the teams we bet and how amazing it was to play in front of so many fans, it was amazing.”

Clemens Wickler, Germany – “A tournament like this is a lesson for us. We’ll get a lot of positive energy from here. We have the German Championships in front of us now and we are looking forward to it and to have lots of fans pushing us again. We are already looking forward to come back next year.”


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