Indoor venue to welcome Ljubljana 1-star event in November

Lausanne, Switzerland, September 20, 2018 - Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana will play host to a second FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour event later this year after the very successful 1-Star tournament that sparked a real beach volleyball fever in the country in early August. This time, the double-gender tournament will take place indoors and will run from November 29 to December 2 at Sports Park Ludus Črnuče.

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The venue is familiar to players and other members of the beach volleyball family, since the outdoor courts at Črnuče have played host to the highly successful summer events held in Ljubljana in 2017 and 2018 – this is where the side courts were set up.

The indoor facilities at the Sports Park Ludus Črnuče

Beach volleyball is growing at a very fast pace in Slovenia and this became evident earlier this summer when thousands of people came together at Congress Square in downtown Ljubljana for one of the highlights – on and off the court – of the 2018 European season. The indoor event due to take place in late November will be the continuation of this positive trend and the organisers hope that many of Europe’s top and up-and-coming teams will benefit from the opportunity they are providing to compete on sand even during the European autumn.

This addition to the international calendar represents an exclusive opportunity for teams to vie for valuable ranking points counting towards qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, while preparing for the 2019 season at the same time.


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