Czech comeback nets golden berth

Barbora Hermannova / Marketa Slukova Czech Republic (2) def. Mariafe Artacho / Taliqua Clancy Australia (7) 13-21, 21-19, 17-15 (57)

Marketa Slukova, Czech Republic – “I am incredibly proud of us, especially Barbora. She did an amazing job the whole game. She was fighting, not giving up. I’m really amazed because at certain moments I played so bad, but I was thinking she was upset but she was hanging in there and you could see she wanted to win so bad. She gave me a little space to get into it and figure out the game style I need to play because I have a little limitation. I’m just happy we have another game and it’s a final.”

Barbora Hermannova, Czech Republic – “I can’t say no now after six games and five of them are tiebreaks. It took us a little longer from the start to figure out how we feel, how is our setup. Maki was struggling a little bit with the reception this time and we needed the time to find out the style which will fix it. It took us a little while, but I am also proud that we just didn’t give up even though there are some injuries and our bodies are tired a little bit.” (What to expect in the final): “Fun. I think we will go and just enjoy. It’s putting a little pressure away because we have already medaled, and we can be a little more relaxed. I think we are playing good here and as you saw we are playing three-setters until the last point so I’m expecting a three-setter again.”

Taliqua Clancy, Australia – “To be honest, I just think we didn’t take our opportunities when we had them at the end. The team that stayed the most aggressive came out with the win and the Czechs did that, they deserved it. We still have another opportunity, there’s another game and we can learn and go again. It has been a really great season and it would be awesome just to step on that podium.”

Mariafe Artacho, Australia – “We knew that they were going to come back in the second. We had our opportunities and we should have stayed more aggressive. We have another match and we got to reset for it and come back harder.”


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