Brazilians gain bracket berth

Agatha Bednarczuk / Eduarda "Duda" Lisboa Brazil (3) def. Barbora Hermannova / Marketa Slukova Czech Republic (2) 21-16, 19-21, 15-13 (45)

Duda Lisboa, Brazil - “We knew they’d be tough to beat. We did a good job on recovering from a bad day and focused a lot on this game. We had a good lead on the second set, but Hermannova had a great serving run and we had to come back stronger in the third set. It was an awesome game. We still need to see who we’ll play but we just want to keep doing our best.”

Agatha Bednarczuk, Brazil - “We actually entered the match not knowing what the exact situation was for us, but our motivation was very, very high. We had lost to Australia yesterday and we didn’t play well and that left a really bad taste in our mouths. I’m glad we brought it to the court and played very well.”

Barbora Hermannova, Czech Republic - “We just heard the happy news. It was not our best game today against Agatha. The conditions are very wild on the side court. There is a wind turning from all sides and I can’t tell you which side was better to play. After the first set when we were struggling with our setup on our side where we played very scrambled plays, we couldn’t find our nice setting. We were just playing wild. In the second we were somehow behind and I just decided to rip the serve and we’ll see what happens.”

Market Slukova, Czech Republic - “It’s always really difficult to know that if you a pool of five with losses and victories and it’s all weird. You know that the points might matter but at the end if you think about it too much then you are thinking you need one more point and it’s this one stupid point. I’ve been in that situation too that I knew we needed only a certain number of points. I didn’t want to even know how many points we needed to win or lose. We struggled in the beginning, the conditions are weird but then we found our game and Barbora brought us back in the second set. It’s a shame we lost but it’s nice we are through.”


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