Useful Information

Useful Info

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Hospitality Package(s)



Camp for Beach Volleyball fans



Weather conditions in the same period when the event will be scheduled


Minimum temperature 21℃ 

Maximum temperature 29℃ 

Humidity 76%

Sunrise and sunset time

Sunrise 04:58:30,  sunset 19:11:47



Local Tourism Info

capital of jiangsu province,the ancient capital of six dynasties, historical and cultural city of China,

Recommended hotels

Nanjing Tangshan Easpring Hot Spring Hotel

Nanjing sunlong hot spring resort hotel

Tourist Attractions

Presidential palace, Ming tomb,Confucius temple,Qinhuai river

Time zone



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VISA Contact

Name: LI Zibo



(*Please copy CVA: in communication)

Mobile number: +86 17551037650