Japanese technical officials gain new experience

Tokyo, Japan, July 30, 2018 – Japanese technical officials were introduced to the latest technology and innovations in beach volleyball at a workshop during the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour event in Tokyo last week.

The Tokyo 3-star tournament was one of the several events that will be held before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and as early as now, the organising committee is making essential preparations.

The national technical officials were provided with training on the use of the tablet application and the referee communication systems.

Takashi Shimoyama, the organising committee’s representative overseeing the technical operations of the event, spoke about plans and goals for the Tokyo 2020 beach volleyball programme.

“We have the great pleasure to welcome the world to witness top-level beach volleyball in Japan,” Shimoyama said. “Our main goal is to make the Tokyo 2020 beach volleyball sports programme a success, by presenting it in the grandest style.

“This, of course, entails the creation of a very good environment for the players, spectators, media and TV.

“The organising committee hopes to bring growth to Japanese players and the technical officials in beach volleyball.”

Shimoyama believes technology has changed the way beach volleyball is experienced and adapting to the new trends will help to present beach volleyball in the best way possible.

“My main duty is to manage the competition, which involves the national technical officials, VIS and the new technologies of beach volleyball,” he said. “We are in constant communication with the FIVB for the success of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“We have to ensure that the national technical officials will be provided with the latest officiating techniques through theoretical and practical training,” he said. “We will do these theoretical and practical sessions at FIVB events and at Japan Volleyball Association (JVA) championships each year.

“We are also preparing by conducting weekly English workshops and technical improvement workshops.”

Shimoyama said that JVA has boosted its development programme for beach volleyball.

“The national federation puts together various events for beach volleyball, which comprise of championships for the senior athletes and a grassroots programme for the young beach volleyball athletes. Our events also have TV coverage, which provides a big help in developing beach volleyball in the country.”

Shimoyama is pleased with the experience that the national technical officials gained during the Tokyo 3-star, which helped establish a standard for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and future beach volleyball events in Japan.

“This FIVB World Tour Tokyo 3-star helped our referees and technical officials improve their technical and English skills. This will also help us evaluate the facilities needed for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.”


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