Useful Information

Tournament Side Events: Beach parties with DJ’s, Live Music, Zumba dance lesson at the Center Court after the last game at Thursday evening, program is following


Hospitality Packages:

VIP Silver Packages, VIP Gold Packages, Skylounge Silver Packages, Skylounge Gold Packages, Beach Club for two persons, Grand Slam Club for 2 persons

Camp for Beach Volleyball Fans:

Campground Tenthouse


Weather Conditions:

Min. temperature: 13°C, max. temperature: 29°C

Rain: 6 days per month, wind conditions: south-west, 4-8 knots, sunrise: 7.15am, sunset: 7.30pm, general conditions: good

Currency: Swiss Francs CHF

Time Zone: CET

Local tourist office website:

Popular attractions nearby: Glacier 3000, Lauensee, Arnensee, Château de Gruyères, Fondation Balthus, Cailler Chocolate Factory